Virtual Office

Zeng Wentao, He Jingyi

Thomas Heatherwick designed the vessel, a famous landscape space, but for some reason it is currently inaccessible to visit the structure. To recreate and enrich the interior of the vessel, we designed a future office complex with a similar complex flow to the vessel. The circular space has interlocking staircases and a central symmetry, and the atrium on the first floor surrounded by a pool echoes the intersection of the top floor gallery bridge, enhancing the sense of intricacy. Multiple office and lounge areas are located around the atrium, and the circular structure provides a more open view of these areas. The complex flow enhances the accessibility of these spaces and the flexibility of the users in them. At the same time this virtual office has a special sunlight blocking system, as the sun’s altitude angle changes at different moments, the shades will rotate accordingly so that the shades always block the sunlight as much as possible to block the excessive light intensity brought by the transparent dome, ultimately achieving a comfortable natural light intensity in the room. Through VR technology, users can experience a day of people’s working life in the future environment in areas such as the office area, cafe, meeting room and rest area, and also experience the changes of light and shadow in the different areas of the virtual office.