Utopia/ Dystopia

Student Team: Sidharth Ramamurthy, Ming-Ya Hsu
Instructor: Luisa Caldas, TA: Mohammad Keshavarzi, Fall 2017

Inspired by old science fiction movies, we were intrigued by the common theme of division in class systems. Utopia//Dystopia breaks the boundary to narrate a discovery of what true Utopia is. The viewer first starts in a familiar urban space of high-rise towers. The meandering path encourages interaction with the surrounding buildings. However, a contrast becomes apparent.
A grid-like structure emerges from underneath creating a haunting and uncomfortable feeling. Through the use of joysticks, the viewer merges the worlds and separates them again. The experiences starts in a frightening manner but users quickly adjust to the motions. The viewer realizes the experience is most enlightening when the two separate worlds become one.