Unfamiliar Reality

Iokian Li, Chris Gomez, Sangwon Kim, Hanwook Kim
Instructor: Luisa Caldas, TA: Mohammad Keshavarzi, Spring 2017

The way we interact with a space is defined by the physical rules of the world. When there is a wall, we walk around it. When there is a door, we walk through it. In the virtual world, the laws of physics are superseded, and we can start anew. Rules dealing with human locomotion or physical properties of matter, once thought to be infallible, can be rewritten. With this power however comes the danger of creating an environment so alien that the user loses the ability to relate or interact in a meaningful way.

The project seeks to challenge the notion of what a physical environment can be by applying anonymous and unusual rules to a banal and familiar space. The user will first enter a seemingly normal room. The room will then start to reshape itself according to the movement of the user. In this way, space responds directly to user, a reversal on our normal interaction with our environments. A new relationship between space and the occupant is established. It is real and unreal at the same time. It is unfamiliar reality.