The Sound Pavilion

Evan Burch, Mickey Chi Li
Instructor: Luisa Caldas, TA: Mohammad Keshavarzi, Spring 2018

Sound Pavilion is a virtual reality project focused on the integration of sound and space. We created an architectural space featuring instrumental senses. The design goal of Sound Pavilion is to create a tool that improves on traditional musical instruction by incorporating visual and physical engagement. The project is composed of a series of curved structural chimes, rotated around a central podium, which gradually increases in size to correspond with different musical notes.

The project could be used to help players understand chords by enabling them to see a colorful aura around the corresponding notes of a particular chord when hitting a chime. The Sound Pavilion can become a powerful tool for teaching music to visual learners. Visual learners can sense chords’ compositions by mixing the colorful vibrations, taking advantage of the phenomenon of synesthesia. Additionally, the open sky becomes a canvas for players, who can compose art alongside their music.