The Gear Adventure

Zhe Zhao, Shuang Yan, Cui Wang, Jie Chen
Instructor: Luisa Caldas, TA: Mohammad Keshavarzi, Spring 2018

The Gear Adventure game aims to provide an opportunity for able-bodied users to experience some of the difficulties of a disabled person’s life. We designed this educational game with the purpose to raise awareness and generate empathy towards others. The protagonist of our game is a little robot who has mobility difficulties and was dumped in the junkyard. The robot has to collect missing gears to return to the normal world. We aspire to somehow make understandable the movement difficulties of disabled people, by designing and programming a set of special gestures and interactions that differ from those commonly experienced by abled-bodied people. By pressing and moving controllers, the player can perform and interact as a restricted-movement robot in the virtual world.