Gebb Sam

Instructor: Luisa Caldas Fall 2021

Welcome to COLORSPACE. This is an experiential journey through 3 of Josef Albers’ 2-dimensional color studies, exploring our perception of relative color. Each study is spatialized as a series of long hallways, which are called ‘study halls’. The study halls are connected at their terminuses via grey vertical shafts that you can fall through — there’s one at the end of this hall. After you fall through the shaft, turn around 180 degrees. Click on the audio button to hear about what you are trying to perceive in each study. Then proceed through the hall. After the final shaft, walk towards the forms in the distance to learn each study’s secrets. That’s all for now. Proceed to the first shaft, and have fun!

This one is pretty crazy! The halls are striped in bright orange, yellow, blue, and turquoise. Outside the windows, you’ll notice ochre tones. How many shade(s) of ochre do you perceive? Does your answer change as you move through the space?

This one is slightly more subdued than the last. How many shades of green do you perceive coloring the interior walls? If more than one, do they grow closer or farther in tone as you move through the space?

This is the last hall! The interior colors are undoubtedly 2: a lavender and a quiet yellow. How many colors and of what shades do you perceive out of the X-shaped windows? Does your answer change as you move through the space?

You made it through! In front of you are 2-and-a-half-dimensional reproductions of the original Albers color studies. They are each composed of 2 parallel walls, with cutouts in the front wall, similar to Albers’ method of cutting and overlaying colored paper. Proceed toward the walls and walk between the front and back walls to see how accurate your perception was in the study halls. Hope you enjoyed the trip!