Xiaonan Wang, Hsin-Yu Chen, Luna Chen, Siqi Wang, Shireen Khan
Instructor: Luisa Caldas, TA: Mohammad Keshavarzi, Spring 2017

An exploration of everyday domestic objects through space & scale. Through the simple operation of scaling, objects such as toasters, chairs, ovens & spoons are given a whole new set of dimensions, that are spatial & interactive. Taking cues from historical precedents such as the still life cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso & Marcelo Moreno, a new 3-dimensional environment is generated. Still life paintings that are flat and 1- dimensional are made 3-dimensional by the introduction of depth, which begins to act as a host for everyday objects to exist. This new environment is further manipulated through very simple operations, keeping the core elements of the paintings intact. This environment becomes the dwelling place for essentially any domestic mundane objects: household appliances, buildings & building parts, animals, food, etc. The intended playfulness & explorative nature of this project allows it to be highly adaptable for diverse objectives, such as a gaming environment or simply an interactive VR environment.