Chocolate Factory

Mario Devora
Instructor: Luisa Caldas Fall 2021

This project develops a chocolate factory within an existing parking garage, and a new residential portion at top. Lightwells doubling as mechanical spaces allow for the concept of the typical large chocolate factory to be included in this tight space. The experience I’d like to explore in this course is the distinct lighting conditions in the differing spaces we’ve created, as well as showcasing the overall experience of chocolate making. This could be done through a collaging of sounds and images as you go through the space, possibly utilizing the lightwells in ghost mode and as a sort of gallery space. Could there be a way to include the growth to processing journey of chocolate as you go through levels? I.e. see a cacao tree as it grows and how the beans are processed? The building was also designed to have the process start at the bottom and end at the top of the chocolate so users could utilize the section option to see how this is done.