Qihui Bao,  Jing Cheng,  Zhe Zhao
Instructor: Luisa Caldas, TA: Vedant Saran, Stephanie Daffara  Spring 2019

Old BAMPFA brings back to life the previous home of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), the Woo Hon Fai Hall, a city landmark of brutalist architecture that is about to become the new UC Berkeley BioEnginuity Hub. In a powerful VR immersive environment, visitors can explore the dramatic architecture interiors designed by Mario Ciampi, its art galleries spiraling around a towering central void. The VR experience revisits some of the most iconic art exhibitions the museum hosted throughout decades, since its inauguration in 1963. Additional features allow visitors to fly over the iconic architectural piece to better grasp its complex, fan-shaped geometry, and then fly through the skylights and land on the museum interior. Once inside, users can engage on art-themed experiences that include curating their own exhibition from a list of available paintings. Finally, in a visually and spatially stunning experience, users can paint the entire building surfaces according to the colors and style of their selected paintings, becoming virtually enveloped in an artwork cocoon.