XR Maps of Berkeley

Luisa Caldas

Funded by an HTC Center Seed Grant
xr map

XR Maps of Berkeley investigates the potential of VR to make visible and accessible the wealth of research and creativity happening across the Berkeley campus. The project consisted of the creation of six  immersive environments to generate user experiences that uniquely convey on-going research or creative work at Berkeley, using a combination of scientific/technical information, experiential environments and game playing. Student groups were responsible for the creation of each environment, in the context of a graduate seminar. Results from this project are intended to act as demonstrators for the future expansion of VR/AR work horizontally across campus.


XR Maps of Berkeley demonstrators:

Dark Matter – Professor Karl van Bibber

CRISPR technology – Professor Jennifer Doudna/Innovative Genomics Institute 

Blue Autonomous Robot – Professor Pieter Abbeel 

Wurster Hall – Department of Architecture 

Former BAMPFA – Bancroft Way

Chinese Paintings – BAMPFA collection of Asian Art