Virtual Reality Daylight Analysis Tool
Mohammad Keshavarzi, Luisa Caldas

We introduce a 6DOF virtual reality daylight analysis tool, RadVR, for daylighting-based design and simulations, that allows simultaneous comprehension of qualitative immersive renderings to be analyzed with quantitive physically correct daylighting calculations. With a user-centric interaction design approach, and an end-to-end workflow, RadVR facilitates user-designers to 1) navigate through different hours of the year and observe the sunlight penetration in relation to time, latitude and longitude 2) Interact with a 9 point matrix of different times of the year 3) Simulate, visualize and compare Radiance raytracing simulations of point-in time illuminance and daylight factor directly through the system and 4) accessing various simulations settings for different analysis strategies through the front-end virtual reality user interface