BAMPFA AR – Augmented Time

Project lead: Luisa Caldas
Computer Science Team: Brian Aronowitz, Stephanie Claudino Daffara
Architecture Team: Mohammad Keshavarzi, Luis Santos, Sandy Curth, Tanya Makker, Constantina Tsiara 

BAMPFA AR—Augmented Time explores new modes of narrative and storytelling using augmented reality as a medium. The project unfolds the history of the new BAMPFA, from the building’s inauguration in 1940 as the university printing press, to an abandoned structure covered with graffiti by local artists, to its transformation into a contemporary cultural hub. A narrator guides the user through an augmented timeline, following the history of the construction of the museum. The AR experience further renders visible hidden narratives such as the building’s role during World War II, the architecture concepts behind Diller Scofidio + Renfro design, and the workers who built the building.


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The project overlays multi-modal digital media over physical artifacts. These include a large-scale model acting as an augmented reality canvas, and the building fabric itself. BAMPFA AR—Augmented Time explores the potential of AR as a device to store the past and a platform to harvest the future, a living record that embodies the built space in its continuing collection of events and narratives.
Funded by the Arts + Design Initiative and an FHL HTC Vive Center Seed Grant.