Sourabh Maheshwary

‘Project Bloom’ presents itself as a standing tree – canopy which unfolds its petals to provide shade based on the weather conditions. Just like how a user would like to open an umbrella when it’s raining or sunny and close it when it’s pleasant. Similarly, Project Bloom has 3 states :

1) Bloom state where it extends to farthest and blocks maximum sun and rain,

2) Bud state where it squeezes itself to close like a bud .This state is enhanced in the night with special lighting effects,

3) Seed state where it lets maximum light and wind pass through.

This synchronization of kinetic movement of canopies creates a unique visually appealing courtyard with dynamic light and shadow for the students to unwind in all weather conditions. In the virtual world , users can experience the graphic walls displaying solar analysis of different states of canopy and animations of their movement. They can also play with interactive buttons to change the three different states of Project Bloom and enjoy walking in the rain around the courtyard.